Umami Festival

Wine and Gastronomy Festival in Greece

Umami Festival Thessaly 2017

About the project

Umami Festival is the largest event that “TU events” organises. It is the first premium wine and gastronomy festival, which promotes the best Greek wines and producers, alongside the specially limited and gourmet food products.

This is a festival open to the public as well as the professionals, it has premium character and its purpose is to expand and promote the important Greek wineries and gastronomic food products coming from every part of Greece. Some selected imported products are also included and presented to the visitors.

The first Umami Festival took place in Alexandroupolis in February 2017, receiving phenomenal success, considering it was held in a city many kilometres from big city centres, hence establishing it as a standard annual project. Taking advantage of the great dynamic that the festival provided, it now has expanded to Larissa city, a bigger city centre, the same year.

Our goal is to bring together the audience that wants to familiarise themselves with the top Greek wines, special gastronomic food products, experience unique culinary dinners, tasty seminars, masterclasses and creations of top chefs.
According to the feedback provided, great success was achieved beyond any initial expectation!

As for wine and culinary professionals, we developed a premium professional environment for new commercial partnerships with producers and their distribution networks at strategically selected locations in the country. As such, at the Umami Festival Thessaly, we achieved to work with specially selected restaurants, wine bars, cellars and wine and gastronomic points throughout the city of Larissa. Our partnerships are continuously growing, creating even greater dynamic in the development of the wine and gastronomic industry of the country.
Within the framework of the festival, there are uniquely designed wine and gastronomic masterclasses that are provided along with some exclusive culinary dining experiences that are held at the venue within the two-day festival.

The Umami Festival is not a local event. On the contrary, it has a pan-Hellenic and international reach, since a large number of visitors take part, coming from all parts of the country as well as many neighbouring countries. We are pleased to invite you to be part of our effort to change the wine and gastronomic map of the country, an initiative that was born in the northernmost part of Greece and with your support and participation is sure to continue its successful course.

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  • Umami Festival Thessaly 2017
  • Umami Festival Thessaly 2017

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