He was born an afternoon of 1985 in the city of Mytilene, Lesvos island, Greece and from that time he lives by the sea.

Michael was a restless spirit from an early age with a strong tendency to explore the world and the elements that constitute it. He had a special love for technology, visual arts and music. He studied computer science and he made dissertation in the field of Graphic & Web Design.

At the same time he worked with photography, modern arts, music and short films, creating and participating in various projects in Greece and abroad.

In 2008, he found the international art & urban culture magazine "Urban Style Mag" and he starts working as a professional in various companies, in the field of Graphic & Web Design.

He has presented several of his artworks at festivals and group exhibitions in Greece and he has participated in seminars of the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam (Nimk).

His knowledge and his experience with Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography, Filming and Music Production, provides the feasibility for demanding projects that require knowledge of many disciplines.

Specializing in UI Design (User Interface) and Brand Identity Design with clients from around the globe.

Member of the Graphic Designers Association of Greece.

Nowdays he's a full freelancer with 18+ years of professional experience.

You can Google him for more!

Are you searching for a Graphic & UI Designer?

Michael Meimaroglou